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Cherokee Cennel
Available Puppies
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Last Updated 7/13/04

Here are pictures of some beautiful puppies that are available. Also, don't forget to look at our "Available Puppies 2" page for more available puppies!
If you have any questions, please email us! We're happy to help!
*****We're very sorry the site has not been  updated in a while. This is due to health issues in our  family. Remember...we are a mother-daughter team! Things are going better, and we've finally been able to  update the  site. We hope you enjoy seeing all the babies! Thanks!*****

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Little Bit (left), Spot (middle), Boo (right)


BOO again!

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Chihuahua Puppies
DOB 4/9/04

Male $350
Female $400

Chi Puppies
Male (L), Female (R)

Male's approximate adult size is 5 lbs. Female's is 3-4 lbs.

Lhasa Apso Puppies
Born January 4, 2004
To Lucy & Dexter

Boo is a Cream on Cream Male. $350
Little Bit is a Cream on Cream Female. *SOLD*
Spot is a Brindle on  White Female. *SOLD*

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Castro's Cherokee Cennel
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